Nature’s calendar

If you follow closely all the changes that take place in a year, you can make your own calendar of nature. In a notebook or on a lined board you can note the daily weather changes on your own or weekly, such as:

  • air temperature, rainfall, wind direction;
  • changes in plant life: the appearance of the first leaves, flowering, fruiting, wilting and falling leaves, etc;
  • events in animal life: the arrival and departure of migratory birds, the appearance / disappearance of insects;
  • the main activities of the people (seasonal).

Don’t forget every time you fill in to write down the date, how the weather was and what you noticed. In this way you can find in your notes the day when the first snow fell, or the day when the snowdrops bloomed, the day when the migratory birds left or when the trees blossomed. You can decorate, or color and customize your calendar as you want, you can use icons or stickers, you can work alone or in a team, with colleagues or friends, to consult and compare notes.

Here is an example of a nature calendar:

Date: 04.03.2021

Today it was partly cloudy, in my walk through the museum I saw a blackbird and a squirrel. There are many ants on the ground. The children go to school, we have one month until the holidays. Grandma says you have to take care of the trees in the garden.


How was the timeFrom the life of plantsFrom the life of animalsOccupations of people
Buds appeared in the treesMany ants on earthEaster is coming, my mother has started cleaning

Martisor string

  1. To make the thread you need the materials: wool / cotton threads (which you have at home – in white and red color) and scissors.
  2. Cut 2 threads (white and red) of equal size. Then tie them at one end by a simple knot.
  3. Tie the white wire to the door handle and twist the wire to the other end (red wire) at least 50 times.
  4. The thread must be twisted very well.
  5. Twist the threads
  6. Tie the twisted threads at both ends. The wires must be well stretched.
  7. Release the twisted thread and then smooth the threads by hand along their length.
  8. Martisor thread is ready twisted.
  9. The thread can be tied in a bow. Now it is ready to put on or hang on the coat.
  • Pentru realizarea firului de mărțișor ai nevoie de următoarele materiale: fire de lână/pna sau bumbac (ce aveți acasă) de culoare alb și roșu plus o foarfecă.

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