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Saint George, the dragon and the emperor’s daughter!

Once, there was a twelve-headed dragon in a country. And it was the wrath of God that made that dragon. There was no creature, there was no man, there was no one in the world who passed by him, that the dragon did not catch and eat. Moreover, what is even more and more awful, he was not only satisfied with the slaughter of human cattle, but he had demanded that they give him a girl to eat every day, because if they would not give him, it’s a pity and bitter for them! And the people? What to do?? They obeyed and detained a girl for food, because no one was in that whole country to get rid of the dirty and insatiable monster. But after a while there were no more girls, and now it was the king’s daughter turn.

The king, seeing this and knowing full well that there was no other way to escape, he gave news all over the country, that whoever would be there and save his daughter from the claws of the dragon, would give him his daughter as a wife and the whole kingdom.

    And this news went out like lightning from one end of the kingdom to the other. And many chosen sons, many strong ones, when they heard of her, happy and with love of heart would have gone to kidnap the life of the dragon, because young and beautiful was the daughter of the emperor, and happy would have been the one who could have taken her as a wife. But no one dared, for the dragon was not only very great, but also very strong, and  real man had to be the one who wanted to kill him.

Behold, when there was the greatest perplexity, lamentation, and mourning in all the kingdom, there was not a man’s head to escape the king’s daughter, which, like tomorrow was to be given to the dragon for food, a Handsome Boy riding a milk-white horse and armed with a long, sharp spear appears. And as he hears about the story, he asks one and the other, where is the dragon, which has caused so much annoyance and lamentation in the whole land. And when he is told, neither one nor two, he spurs the horse and goes aiming at him.

The dragon, when he caught the news that someone was coming towards him, came out of the well where he was sheltering and stood, with a jaw in the sky and one in the ground, ready only to grab it and swallow it.

But our warrior, who was none other than St. George, is not frightened, but as he catches sight of him, he rushes with his horse, and, in the blink of an eye, thrusts his spear into his throat, and the dragon abdicates, though he had twelve heads and was the wrath of God to be demonized and strong.

The emperor, as he hears of this, rejoices as only a man can rejoice when he escapes from great danger. And wanting to fulfill his promise, he called St. George to himself and told him that he would give him the daughter as a wife as gratitude and satisfaction, and after his death he would leave the kingdom to him.

But St. George replied that he needed neither the girl nor another reward, being fully satisfied with what he could do for the good of the country and its inhabitants. Then, saying goodbye to him, he went whence he came.

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