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ASTRA Multicultural 2023


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ASTRA Multicultural 2023

The ASTRA Museum, an institution whose actions are made possible by funding from the Sibiu County Council, is organising the event ASTRA Multicultural, now in its 8th edition. This project continues with the theme Memory, integration, adaptability", as in the previous edition. During the 4 days of the programme ASTRA Multicultural will be organised: a festival of traditional multi-ethnic music and dances, interactive workshops aimed at placing craftsmen in a market of quality, authentic and representative products, a multi-ethnic gastronomic marathon, presenting the adaptability of food to each season and situation in the life of the community - a model to be adapted in contemporary times to reduce food waste and reuse for other purposes. More than 200 artists and folk craftsmen from Romania, the Republic of Moldova, as well as representatives of the Hungarian, Saxon, Lipovans, Ukrainian, țipțeri and Roma communities will participate in the 8th edition of the ASTRA Multicultural.

The ASTRA Multicultural Project will send a strong message in The European Year of Skills 2023, promoting craftspeople with indisputable practical and theoretical skills. Certainly, craftsmen and traditional crafts specific to each area will be the directions for the development of sustainable cultural tourism, so necessary to be implemented in the coming period. Many of these craftsmen will be present in July at the interactive workshops to promote intangible heritage and cultural entrepreneurship. Through the ASTRA Multicultural project, the ASTRA Museum aims to bring together specialists but also ordinary people interested in this new perspective outlined by the European Union this year on the development of innovative programmes based on skills development. The focus will be on "experiences", increasingly necessary in educational and cultural activities. "Experience" has become an indispensable value in the consumption of cultural products, as people lead more intense lives and want to participate in activities in a more personal way, said Ciprian Ștefan, manager of ASTRA Museum.

The ASTRA Multicultural programme also includes the seminar "ASTRA Multicultural - Cultural Heritage. Value. National and international perspectives". The seminar will take place in the Open-Air museum in Dumbrava Sibiului, Multicultural Museum Pavilion and will bring together 50 ethnologists, sociologists, anthropologists, specialists, from museums, research institutes and universities who will engage in discussions on research, conservation, protection and enhancement of traditional culture and crafts from home and abroad.

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