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CASTRA BARBARORUM (the camps of the barbarians)

ASTRA Museum organizes the event CASTRA BARBARORUM (the camps of the barbarians), an initiative dedicated to the archaeological cultural heritage, initiated within the programme Animate ASTRA! 2023. The event will be staged until Sunday, July 9, and aims to recreate important scenes from the daily life of antiquity and from the specific crafts of antiquity. Members of the Cultural Association Omnis Barbaria, and Ars Fabrilis Oficina (woodworking at an ancient lathe workshop) will participate, enlivening the atmosphere in the Open-Air museum (both) through their ancient-inspired clothing, but also through their workshops & crafts. Thus, in the area of the Metal Processing Sector (near the Etno Tehno Parc area), in the Dumbrava Sibiului Open Air Museum, demonstrative activities will take place in the form of historical reconstruction and experimental archaeology workshops, through which household objects, handicraft tools, agricultural tools, as well as pieces of weaponry will be made, faithfully reproduced after those discovered in archaeological sites. 


  • The pottery workshop illustrates the making of ancient clay vessels and household objects by hand and reconstructs the technological process of firing clay vessels.
  • The Antique Blacksmith's Workshop shows the making of craft tools, agricultural tools, weapons and military equipment.
  • The woodworking workshop exemplifies the way of working wood with hand tools specific to the ancient era, but also with the help of human-powered equipment: the lathe and the seat for carving. Wooden pots and handles for agricultural and craft tools will be made.
  • The workshop for processing textile yarns and animal skins, used in the manufacture of clothing, footwear and some components of craft tools, illustrates the process of vertical loom weaving, dyeing of textile yarns and leather tanning.

The workshops will be accompanied by exhibition spaces presenting aspects of daily life, military and technology of the period, of ancient civilizations (Celts, Dacians, Sarmatians, Germanic): type of vessels and gastronomic tools through the arrangement of an ancient kitchen, technological process, tools and finished products resulting from the work of craftsmen, but also the weapons and equipment used by warriors.

Workshops will run daily until Sunday 9 July from 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00. The event is part of Animate ASTRA! 2023, a project co-funded by the Municipality of Sibiu through the Cultural Agenda 2022.

The Animate ASTRA! programme aims to actively involve visitors, who have the opportunity to communicate directly with the craftsmen, to learn and then to practice the skills acquired.

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