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CePCoR Library

A gallery of knowledge

Books in the CePCoR library can be consulted within the institution and are not borrowed outside.

All those interested in consulting this book collection are invited to do scientific research in a pleasant room, permanently connected to a wireless internet network.

Over 200 volumes


Benefit from a specialized, up-to-date documentary point with a rich inventory of books and publications of the most important specialist publishers and institutions in the field of conservation and restoration institutions in the country, but mainly abroad.

The Library

open to all

Library, open to all specialists in the field of conservation and restoration, museum specialists interested and students, offers for documentation, editions, and such as the ICOM-CC Triennial Volumes, the ICOM-CC Congress Volumes IIC, the specialist journals "Studies in Conservation", "Technical Bulletins", "ISIS", "ICC Notes", etc. publications of high quality and exceptional scientific content.



CePCoR's major interest in creating the documentation base is mainly devoted to the field of Conservation but, areas such as media restoration, restoration of physical and chemical investigations, course platforms, catalogues. Most publications are in English.

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