Conservation and Restoration Department

ASTRA Center for Heritage

The ASTRA Center for Heritage within the ASTRA National Museum Complex is specialized mainly in the conservation and restoration of ethnographic heritage (monuments and movable cultural assets), with a unique material base in the country.

The current functional organization of the Conservation-Restoration Directorate includes the following services:

  • Conservation and restoration of ethnographic monuments
  • Conservation of cultural heritage (Collection care)
    • Training Center for Conservation and Restoration
  • Restoration and Scientific Investigations:
    1. wood restoration / polychrome wood restoration
    2. tempera painting restoration
    3. textile restoration
    4. leather and fur restoration
    5. ceramic / glass / porcelain restoration
    6. metal restoration
    7. chemical scientific investigation
    8. biological scientific investigation
  • Curative Land Conservation Department

The number of specialized staff reaches 43 specialists, conservators and restorers certified as experts in conservation and restoration (with higher and secondary education) with specialized  internships in the country and abroad or graduates of the History and Heritage Faculty – Specialization Conservation – Restoration, Sibiu.

The Training Center for Conservators and Restorers organizes annual training and specialization courses in the field of conservation-restoration of cultural assets. The center operates internationally with the contribution of the teachers and the experts from major conservation-restoration centers in the world.

Conservation and restoration of the ethnographic heritage in ASTRA Open Air Museum from Dumbrava Sibiului

Dr. Geanina Ionescu
Director of the Conservation and Restoration Department. ASTRA Heritage Center 

Training Center for Conservators and Restorers

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ASTRA Center for Heritage

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