The Conservation and Restoration Training Center

The Conservation and Restoration Training CenterCePCoR is a substructure within the ASTRA Museum which has two essential missions among the museum functions. The first, considers the preventive conservation of the collections, and the second, the professional improvement of those who contribute to the protection of the cultural heritage.

CePCoR continues a tradition already established, based on a rich experience gained in Sibiu, since the establishment, in the ’70s, of the first conservation-restoration laboratories in the country, the Methodological Center for the Training of Curators and Restoration Specialists in the National Network of Open Air Museums. Later, a program of advanced training courses in the field of conservation of various media was initiated at the ASTRA Museum. Thus, the International Training Courses for Curators and Restorers Program, was successfully organized since 1997. For the start, the National Commission of Museums and Collections granted, since 2002, the status of Training Center for Curators and Restorers for a significant number of specialties.

The CePCoR service, coordinated by an expert in preventive conservation, with a number of seven curators and a restorer, ensures the protection of all collections of movable and immovable property of the institution, keeping records, monitoring and controlling the state of conservation of museum heritage.

The dynamization of the conservation and restoration activity in Romania by encouraging the continuous training, the correlation of the most current theories and practices, respectively the coagulation of a professional community are the major goals that CePCoR has acquired.

CePCoR Head of Service
Andrea Bernath Preventive Conservation Expert

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