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Franz Binder's Africa

The volume is a unique combination of a popular scientific text (adapted from doctoral research), travelogue and collection catalogue, in Romanian and English. Franz Binder was a Saxon pharmacist from Sebeș, Alba. Instead of working as a pharmacist, he preferred to travel and develop entrepreneurial initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa (1849 - 1864), and on his return he published an autobiographical travelogue essay in German ("Mittheilungen des Herrn Franz Binder uber seine Reise in Orient und sein Leben in Africa", which he wrote for the publication Neue Folge in Sibiu in 1862). To this day, this material has never been published in Romanian or English. A printed catalogue of the collection has also never been produced.

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"Franz Binder, the 19th century Transylvanian whose memory is recovered in this edition admirably edited by Adriana Avram, is a European endowed with the major quality of secondness, as defined by Rémi Brague: the ability to look outside oneself, to internalize difference, to transform otherness into identity. Exploring the White Nile area, Binder brought back from there around 1860 a fabulous collection of objects documenting one of the essentially new forms of humanity. In turn, the present edition problematizes, for the first time in our own, the legacy of Binder's collection in terms of decolonialism and critical thinking: Binder's travel literature is reread by a mind that has assimilated post-Said decolonial theory - it is thus not an homage edition, but an exercise of a mind that critically rethinks the past - even as it admires it. This kind of thinking is sorely needed in our country - and I welcome this editorial gesture by Adriana Avram." (Radu Vancu)

Appearances 2022

Here are the 2022 releases below:

Recent publications


"The Winding Path" is the first volume of the collection "The Stories of Sibiu", which brings to the fore sequences of habitation, ancient crafts and traditions, symbols and motifs, decorations and objects often ignored. On cover 4 we find some more details.

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The book is aimed at children, young people and anyone who can read and understand without haste and without prejudice. We challenge you to walk the fictional trail and visit the Open Air Museum guided by the two characters. We hope you will identify all the monuments, objects and places in the museum they have reached on this occasion. If you don't guess them in the story, walk through the museum again, because there are definitely things you didn't notice!

"How do several worlds meet in one? When a house moves to another village, what happens to the people who lived there? What if they stay there, in the soul of the house and it lives on their happenings!? Mysterious shadows walk the alleys at night, mirroring themselves in the walls. Have you seen how someone gathers moonbeams and weaves carpets from them, weaving them with flowers, branches and roots? Houses meet here, between the mountain and the sea. Here, too, the paths of forests everywhere intersect. Earth, wood and stone from the four seas. Water, air, fire, light and dark. All the realms beyond are here. Every house is a whole village, every village is a kingdom. On the objects, the ancient people left signs and colours for the others, for us, and for those who will come after us. Princesses, princes, kings, fairies, witches or ordinary people. Do you know what an ordinary man is? There are days when fiery fairies fight for love and wealth. There are nights when a lost child wanders an unknown path, discovering many other ways home. Mills grind in secret, animals hold secret council, houses incarnate into men and walk the alleys at night. The marks on plates, the stitching on shirts, the inlays on poles, all become words through which we learn how others have lived and dreamed. Those who inhabited the houses, carved the wood, shaped the clay, turned the spindle, gave new shape to the molten iron. Those beyond here and now, the "others". The houses and people of Dumbrava Sibiului. The inhabitants of the stories."

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