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Tomato and horticultural biodiversity festival


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Tomato and horticultural biodiversity festival

ASTRA Museum, an institution whose actions are made possible by funding from Sibiu County Council, hosts and co-organizes Tomato and horticultural biodiversity festival, held as part of the The 2023 ProgrammeVegetable Country Fair-Garden and Landscapewhich will take place on Saturday 19 August in the Open-air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiu at the Country Fair, from 10 am to 2 pm. The event is organised in collaboration with the Seeds with Soul group and will take the form of a free seed fair, along with vegetables, fruit, plants and products for purchase. In the Tomato and horticultural biodiversity festival35 exhibitors from most counties of the country and from the Republic of Moldova will be present. They will come to exhibit and give away vegetables, flowers, aromatic and medicinal plants, within the limits of the existing stock.

"Now in the middle of ripe vegetables and fruits, the Country Fair will wear the clothes of freshness and abundance of Romanian gardens. The Seeds with Soul Group is a space of friendship, intended to ensure the existence and free distribution of reproducible seeds and clean and healthy plants, for the perpetuation of quality varieties and the protection of biodiversity, but also of the plants in our gardens, information about organic farming in all its forms and about the plants that surround us. It is a group of enthusiasts united around common values, who support the right of any grower, amateur or experienced, to have access to healthy reproducible seeds. The group encourages everyone who is passionate about gardening to propagate the seeds they receive and pass them on. The markets organised by the Seeds with a Soul group are a convivial space for the circulation of clean, non-genetically modified, non-hybridised seeds, free of synthetic chemical treatments. Through their voluntary gesture of saving seeds and distributing them, the members of the Seeds with a Soul group also encourage us to propagate them and pass them on. In doing so, we'll get tips on how to choose which vegetables to save seeds from and how to store them. As always, those who give seeds, give prosperity and diversity: even group members exchange among themselves; and through hard work, from a few seeds, perhaps thousands of other plants can be cultivated and propagated in time", said Mihaela Gherghel, ASTRA Museum curator. 

As part of the event, as part of the Country fair: vegetable garden and landscape Programmewill also include gastronomic workshops using vegetables from the vegetable gardens in the museum meadow.

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