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"Traditional Artistic Crafts" Olympiad, 26th edition, Sibiu County phase


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"Traditional Artistic Crafts" Olympiad, 26th edition, Sibiu County phase

Organizers:  ASTRA Museum in partnership with the Sibiu County School Inspectorate

Date: 18 - 19 May 2023

- 845 entry to the competition halls
-930 - 1130 competition
- 1145 - 1345 deliberation
-1400 - 1430 award ceremony

Program/ locations:
- Day I / 18 May 2023 - sections: painting icons on glass, painting icons on wood, naive painting
Location:Open Air Museum/ Hostel Diana/ Conference Hall

- Day 2 / May 19, 2023 - sections: horizontal loom weaving; tassel weaving on wood; tassel weaving on basket; sewing; embroidery; folk costume making; tatting; crocheting; traditional shoe making; leather processing/ whip weaving; pyrography; carving hearth icons; painted furniture; pottery; clay modelling; mask making
Location: Open Air Museum/ ASTRA Multicultural Museum Pavilion/ AUDITORIUM Hall and CHANGES Hall.

Competition presentation:

  • children aged between 6-18 years old who, through the instruction and education received in the family or at school, show themselves to be true creators of folk art, knowing the secrets of traditional artistic craftsmanship, having the qualities of manual dexterity, technical dexterity and artistic sense of an authentic artist, coming from rural areas, members of folk art circles, schools or student clubs in rural or urban areas;
  • The competition consists of presenting raw or semi-finished products that the competitor will complete during the competition;
  • The presence in the competition is approved exclusively in folk costume, representing the folk costume specific to the village and area of residence for each competitor;

This year, 79 pupils from 29 schools, related establishments or individual workshops from 8 localities from Sibiu county entered the competition.

ASTRA Museum's actions are made possible with funding from Sibiu County Council.

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