School in the traditional village

Young or old, we all have something to learn when it comes to the traditional village and its secrets. If you want to relive the atmosphere of the old rural schools, if you want to (re) connect to the traditions in a fresh and contemporary way, you can do it all summer long. We offer you workshops (creativity, skill, discovery) and countless hours of play and experimentation, with the careful guidance of museographers or kind-hearted craftsmen. Not only the Ticera School will be a good host for students, but also other households, houses or workshops in the ASTRA Museum. Not to be missed!

Period: June – August

Time interval: 10.00 – 16.00

Contact: e-mail:; phone: +4 0751 166 534

We learn diversity – Creativity in the multiethnic school

The educational component of the ASTRA Multicultural event offers you:

  • a series of educational activities for adults and children alike, designed to present multiculturalism as it is reflected in the painted furniture;
  • workshops and craft demonstrations with authentic traditional craftsmen or animators who will involve young visitors in discovering the techniques and decorative motifs of painted furniture as illustrated by the collections of the ASTRA Museum and the monuments on the Path of Minorities;
  • various traditional activities specific to the village of yesteryear, coloring workshops floral and zoomorphic decorative motifs (for the little ones), wood painting workshops (Saxon, Hungarian, Romanian motifs), making and decorating wooden hangers.

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