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Toy Fair, 15th edition


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Toy Fair, 15th edition

Update2: Please note that Toy Fair, 15th editionregistered 9674 visitors of all ages. For 5 days (28 May-1 June), 25 folk craftspeople from all over the country held a series of interactive (craft) workshops in the Etno Tehno Parc area of the ASTRA Museum. In this way, visitors learnt how to make the toys of yesteryear. For example, at the Toy Fair, 1150 paper and wooden mills were made, while at the painting workshop more than 600 boards of different sizes were used.

Update1: due to weather conditions the official opening of the Etno Tehno Parc Educational Platform scheduled for tomorrow, (Sunday) 29 May, at 1pm, has been postponed to a date to be announced later.

ASTRA Museum, an institution whose actions are made possible by funding from Sibiu County Council, is organizing the Toy Fair event , the 15th edition , from 28 May to 1 June 2022. For 5 days, from Saturday to Wednesday, on Children's Day, 25 folk craftspeople from all over the country will hold a series of interactive (craft) workshops. In this way, visitors will learn how to make the toys of yesteryear.

"All the activities in the Toy Fair programme are specially designed for all children and all those with a child's heart.Everyone can experience and discover, together with our folk craftsmen from different parts of the country, the mysteries of making toys from the past, through workshops on making dies, easel painting, childhood still slides, handmade paper, gingerbread decorating, pottery, ceramic painting, doll making, collage workshops - treasure hunt in nature. We will also have activities for families (quizzes and treasure hunts), trails through the forest, Creanga's Obstacle Course, team card game championships, Usborne storytelling workshops, Taekwon-do games and activities, and MindSpot invites both parents and children to play. Then we learn how to get ready for our First Hike and delight in interactive theatre performances - Fight of the Famous Characters, magic theatre and musical performances - Composers' Childhood. At the end of each day, there will be a raffle with prizes," said Raluca Andrei, Head of Cultural Products. Public relations Department, ASTRA Museum

Participation in the workshops is based on a ticket/ museum pass. On 1 June (Children's Day), access to the ASTRA Museum is free for children under 14 years of age.

Detailed programme by day - DOWNLOAD

ASTRA Museum's actions are made possible with funding from Sibiu County Council.

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