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Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse


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Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse - 10th edition

The ASTRA Museum, an institution whose actions are made possible by funding from the Sibiu County Council, is organising the event Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, now in its 10th edition. Ten years of the history of the hen, ten editions in which ASTRA Museum has grown a community dedicated to the Romanian blouse and the traditional shirt in Sibiu. Since 2014 and until now we count 10 editions that have dedicated the story of the most beloved piece of folk wear - the traditional blouse or shirt.

For four days, visitors are invited to be scouts and researchers of traditions and customs, storytellers and tasters; to learn the story of the Romanian blouse from those who live, research and carry on the tradition: 50 folk craftspeople, joined by museum specialists and restorers. The village paths of the ASTRA Museum will be lined with a fair of traditional blouses and objects, contemporary design, flowers and braided hair. There will be 36 demonstrative and interactive workshops, ranging from weaving workshops, to workshops on printing flowers on textiles or dyeing with natural colours, making ornaments, embroidering motifs on the blouses, felting, metalwork, painting on glass or leather processing andstorytelling workshops.

"It's time to take a walk again along the paths of the Open-Air museum in Dumbrava Sibiului and to recognize each other by the signs on the chimeșă (shirt): where we come from, what kind of people we are and who we are with. Over several days we give you the opportunity to dress for the feast and to re-enter the world of tradition. Come to the alleys of the ASTRA Museum in search of the stories and craftsmanship of the folk craftspeople, who gave life to threads and depicted them in the most delicate fabrics!", said Ciprian Ștefan, manager of the ASTRA Museum.

For the afternoon of 24 June, on Midsummer's Day itself, this year's programme includes ride in Romanian Blouse with Fancy bikes group and the picnic in the Country Fair, then the concert of the young Titerași from Galeșu, the contemporary musical arrangements inspired by ancient tunes bearing the creative signature of DJ Silly Conductor and the concert of the band CORBU. On Sunday 25 June, as we have have been doing for ten years now, the Bezded churchyard will host The Midsummer's Horainitiated by artists of the School of Arts and Crafts "Ilie Micu". Also on Sunday we expect you to participate in the contest "The most beautiful blouse", after you have found, through the chests of the grandparents and ancestors, the clothes of light and celebration cared for with sanctity for decades. Yes, we want you to tell the world the story of the IA (blouse), we want you to tell us the story of you and your nation! You show us and tell us the story, we award the most beautiful blouse and the most inspiring story.

On the eve of Midsummer's Day, on June 23, three major cultural institutions from Sibiu joined hands in the programme dedicated to the Traditional Blouse: ASTRA County Library, Brukenthal National Museum and ASTRA Museum. We find, thus, from exhibitions with the most valuable pieces of peasant costumes from southern Transylvania, to testimonies from over the centuries and a round table dedicated to cultural and creative industries.

"It is known that in 2013 the online community "La Blouse Roumaine" initiated a movement that became viral in all Romanian communities (and not only) around the world. It didn't last long, more precisely one year, and the ASTRA Museum , "phenomenon" joined this initiative-phenomenon. This is how this special day of the year came about, the Universal Day of Cheese, in which we go back to the beginnings, we relive the bright atmosphere of the village of yesteryear, with its alleys beaten by work, but also with the good will that the Romanian peasant has always known how to maintain. Ia, the proud shirt, was the garment that accompanied our ancestors through good times and bad, and today it remains a symbol of beauty, femininity and stability, I would say, judging by its endurance over the ages. Every year, the open-air museum in Dumbrava Sibiului becomes the venue for the celebration of the Universal Day of the Sheep. A whole community gathers around an archetypal symbol: from folk craftsmen to designers, artists or Cochete bicycles", said Mirela Crețu, Director of Collections Management at ASTRA Museum.

Universal Day of Romanian Blouse is celebrated every year on 24 June, on Midsummer's Day, and was initiated in 2013 by the online community La Blouse Roumaine.

Partners: ASTRA County Library, Brukenthal National Museum, Fancy Bicycles

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