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The huge egg – Waiting for the Easter bunny


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The huge egg – Waiting for the Easter bunny

This week, the ASTRA Museum is organizing a unique activity, for of all ages visitors and suggestively called the Huge Egg. This is how the participants will have the opportunity to paint cardboard plates, in the form of huge eggs, which measure approximately 1,30 m. Under the guidance of museographers and teachers from the ASTRA Museum, the „giant” eggs will be painted with traditional motifs found on poached eggs. During all this time, the museographers will provide the occasional painters information about the technique of decorating the eggs, but also about the use of natural colors in this process and what the drawings symbolize.

To encourage visitors to get involved in this event, we exhibited in several households in the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului no less than 16 huge eggs, recently painted by children who participated in educational activities in the museum.

The Giant Egg activity takes place in the Open Air Museum until Thursday, April 29, between 10.00-16.00, in the New Pavilion – Etno Tehno Park area.

The huge egg – Waiting for the Easter bunny will take place in compliance with the rules to prevent the spread of SARS-VOC 2 virus. Access is allowed based on the museum ticket, and participants will receive maps at the entrance to the ASTRA Museum to identify easy of the New Pavilion in the area of ​​Etno Tehno Park.

The actions of the ASTRA Museum are possible by financing the Sibiu County Council.

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