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For children

Etno Tehno Parc

ASTRA Museum has developed an infrastructure dedicated to children that allows them to discover, explore and get to know the museum heritage in a playful way. Located in a unique natural setting, the space brings together several buildings with different functions and purposes.

An old village school, adapted to be a functional heritage monument, creates an authentic environment and an atmosphere conducive to traditional school lessons and play activities in the schoolyard.

A model pavilion recreates 14 small-scale hydraulic installations that give children the opportunity to interact with the heritage, to understand the mechanisms of operation and the natural forces that set them in motion.

The wooden tower is an unconventional exhibition space, flexible and adaptable to different activities, stimulating imagination and inviting play.

An educational pavilion - a meeting place for folk craftsmen and the young public, a place to explore traditional crafts and working techniques, a space that gives family members the opportunity to spend time together and share their knowledge and life experiences.

An annex of a traditional farmhouse, consisting of a shed and two stables, has been given a new purpose and transformed into a multi-purpose educational space that responds to modern learning needs and demonstrates new approaches to saving vernacular architecture and refurbishing traditional buildings.

Through children's events and educational programmes we make our collections relevant to younger generations, revitalise traditional crafts, transmit social values and form positive attitudes towards museum heritage.

The Etno Tehno Parc infrastructure is an attractive space for the corporate sector to organise themed events or team-building, but can also host children's birthday parties or school parties.

Toy fair

Since 2010, we have been celebrating children and childhood every year on June 1st in a place designed for play and discovery. The little ones can enjoy handmade toys made by skilled craftspeople from natural materials and participate in workshops, animations, theatre performances, concerts, discovering that play often comes from simple things.

The School in the traditional village

Big or small, we all have something to learn when it comes to the traditional village and its secrets. If you want to relive the atmosphere of the old rural schools, if you want to (re)connect with traditions in a fresh and contemporary way, you have the whole summer at your disposal. We offer creative workshops, skill-building workshops, discovery workshops under the careful guidance of craftspeople, as well as countless hours of play and experimentation, theatre performances and musical workshops.

The Museum gets involved

The programme is aimed at children from socially and culturally disadvantaged communities who have limited access to our events and actions or those of other institutions. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness and rediscover the material and immaterial values existing in the villages around Sibiu, which still preserve the traditions of yesteryear. We demonstrate the importance and relevance of traditional knowledge and its contribution to sustainable economic and social development.

The museum presents itself

Running during the school year, the Museum Presents Itself programme is aimed at students and teachers alike and supports them in carrying out extracurricular educational activities. The objective is, besides the communication of heritage, to develop skills through the acquisition of knowledge about traditional life, to develop abilities through involvement in practical activities, and to form positive attitudes towards identity values.

Main attractions

See below a gallery of images of the main attractions of the Astra Museum.

Hidden Treasures

Here are some of the activities in the Etno Tehno Parc area that you can participate in during the summer season.

Craft workshops

Folk craftspeople and artisans from all over the country are waiting for you in the Etno Tehno Parc area to reveal the secrets of their craft and share their life experience. Whether it's pottery or clay modelling workshops, carpentry or artistic woodworking, workshops in making toys or traditional shoes, wood painting or basket weaving, every day of the summer holiday, children will have something to craft!

Summer Camp: How it's made...

Any camp is fun! At the ASTRA Museum children spend quality time in the middle of nature, enjoy unique experiences and learn how to make various objects (a clay pot, a gingerbread mould, a hand-sewn embroidery or even bread) using natural resources under the guidance of a folk craftspeople and a museum educator.

Relaxation and well-being

If you just want to enjoy the fresh air and nature, at the Etno Tehno Parc you can relax by painting one of the farms in the museum on an easel, play traditional games (hopscotch, double dutch, jump rope) or sit on a pouffe and admire the landscape!


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