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Conservation / Restoration

Conservation and Restoration Activity

Saving heritage requires dedication, understanding, knowledge and perseverance in the process of conservation-restoration of objects and monuments on which time has left its mark of physical, chemical and biological degradation, but also training of young people who are interested in this field of activity.

ASTRA Center for Heritage

We carefully preserve the heritage we own and ensure that it contributes to the development of future generations.

Tradition and modernity

The ASTRA Centre for Heritage - CApP - operates in a multi-purpose building, built to international standards, with maximum energy efficiency and controlled microclimate, which houses warehouses for heritage collections, conservation and restoration laboratories, a resource and training centre for conservators and restorers in Romania (CePCoR).

In order to achieve the objectives of restoration and conservation of the museum heritage, the National Museum Complex "ASTRA" has accessed non-reimbursable external funds that allowed the construction of modern spaces, equipped with high performance technology, in which a large number of specialists work, conservators and restorers certified as experts in conservation and restoration (with higher and secondary education) with specialisation courses in the country and abroad or graduates of the Faculty of History and Heritage, specialising in Conservation-Restoration, Sibiu, and who have a unique material base in the country.

The ASTRA Centre for Heritage specializes mainly in Conservation and restoration of ethnographic monuments, Conservation of cultural goods, Curative field conservation and in restoration and scientific investigations with the following specialties: wood / polychrome wood restoration, tempera painting restoration, textile restoration leather - fur, ceramic / glass / porcelain, metal, scientific chemical and biological  investigations.

Centre for the Training of Conservators and Restorers

Our work involves the preventive conservation of collections and the professional development of those who contribute to the protection of cultural heritage.

Pre-emptive conservation and professional development

CePCoR continues a tradition already established, based on a rich experience accumulated in Sibiu, since the establishment, in the 1970s, of the first conservation-restoration laboratories in the country, respectively the Methodological Centre for the Training of Conservation and Restoration Specialists of the National Network of Open Air Museums. Later, a programme of refresher courses in the field of conservation of various media was initiated at the ASTRA Museum. This was the beginning of the International Training Course Programme for Conservators and Restorers, successfully organised since 1997. In 2002, the National Commission of Museums and Collections granted the status of Training Centre for Conservators and Restorers for a significant number of specialities.

The CePCoR service, coordinated by an expert in pre-emptive conservation, ensures the protection of all collections of movable and immovable property of the institution, keeping records, monitoring and controlling the state of conservation of the museum heritage.

The dynamisation of conservation and restoration activity in Romania by encouraging continuous training, the correlation of the most up-to-date theories and practices, and the coagulation of a professional community are the major goals that CePCoR has taken on.

The Training Centre for Conservators and Restorers organises annual training and specialisation courses in the field of conservation-restoration of cultural goods. The Centre operates on an international basis and benefits from the input of teachers and experts from the world's leading conservation-restoration centres.

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