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Join our team and be ASTRA Museum's volunteer. This is the perfect place where you can express your opinions, your creativity, acquire new skills and do good! Our team is made up of specialists with interesting ideas who want you in their team. Among them you can meet new friends and role models who will prepare you for what's next!

If you want to get involved and follow your passions and skills, we invite you to start your journey in ASTRA Museum right now! All you need to do is email us at or contact us on 0751 166 517.

We care, support and appreciate our volunteers!

Advantages of being a member of our team:

New experiences

- You acquire skills
- Participate in building a better future
- Express yourself freely

New friends

- Communicate and socialise
- Spend quality time
- Make new friends

New perspectives

- Live unique experiences
- Learn and improve yourself
- Obtain a Volunteer certificate

Solidarity and responsibility

ASTRA Museum recognises the social value of volunteering activities as an expression of active citizenship, solidarity and social responsibility, as well as the professional value as an expression of the personal, professional, intercultural and linguistic development of the people who carry out these activities.

The principles governing the professional conduct of volunteers within ASTRA Museum are the following.

- Supremacy of the Constitution and the law, according to which the volunteer has the duty to respect the Constitution and the laws of the country;
- The priority of the public interest, a principle according to which the volunteer has the duty to consider the public interest above personal interest in the performance of tasks;
- Ensuring equal treatment of citizens;
- Professionalism, a principle according to which the volunteer has the obligation to carry out volunteering duties responsibly, competently, efficiently, fairly and conscientiously;
- Impartiality and non-discrimination, a principle according to which the volunteer is obliged to adopt an objective attitude, neutral with regard to any political, economic, religious or other interest in the performance of tasks;
- Moral integrity, a principle according to which volunteers are forbiden to seek or accept, directly or indirectly, for themselves or for others, any moral or material advantage or benefit in consideration of their volunteer status or to abuse from it in any way;
- Freedom of thought and expression, a principle according to which volunteers may express and substantiate their opinions while respecting the rule of law and good morals;
- Honesty and fairness, a principle according to which, in carrying out their voluntary duties, volunteers must act in good faith and act in accordance with their voluntary duties;


ASTRA Museum provides initial training on:

a) the structure, mission and activities of ASTRA Museum;
b) the rights and responsibilities of the volunteer;
c) the internal rules establishing the volunteer's involvement.


ASTRA Museum is a public cultural institution

The Museum is in the public service of society and open to the public, and its main objectives are research, collection of cultural goods, their record, conservation, restoration, as well as the valorization the managed cultural heritage, through exhibitions, publications and any other form of communication, for the purpose of knowledge, edutainment etc.


The main functions of ASTRA Museum are:

a) the scientific constitution, managing, conservation and restoration of the museum heritage;
b) scientific research, recording, documentation, protection and development of museum heritage;
c) the valorization of the museum heritage for the purposes of knowledge, education and recreation.

Sign up

If you want to get involved and apply your passions and skills, we invite you to start your journey in the ASTRA Museum, right now! To sign up for the volunteer programme you need to send us an email at or contact us at +40 751 166 517 . Alternatively, you can leave us a message using the form below and we will get back to you.


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