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Information of public interest

The whistleblower in the public interest

According to Law 361/2022 on the protection of whistleblowers in the public interest, persons reporting violations of the law, which have occurred or are likely to occur within the institution, have the following means of reporting:

Internal reporting channels:

At the e-mail address or in writing to the designated person Raluca Costache (Specialized Inspector in the Human Resources Management and Payroll Office), at the following address: ASTRA National Museum Complex, Sibiu, str. Bastionului nr. 6A.

External reporting channels:

1) public authorities and institutions which, according to special legal provisions, receive and resolve reports of violations of the law in their area of competence;
2) the National Integrity Agency, hereinafter referred to as the Agency;
3) other public authorities and institutions to which the Agency forwards the reports for competent resolution;

Public disclosure:

Press, professional, trade union or employers' organisations, non-governmental organisations, parliamentary committees, etc.


Annual report on compliance with the rules of conduct - year 2022


Public interest warning form

Indicators 2018

Activity Report

Activity report for 2018

Annex 1/2018

Annex 1/2018 - Indicators fulfilment report

Annex 1.1/2018

Annex 1.1/2018 - Printouts

Annex 1.2/2018

Annex 1.2/2018 - Procurement Committee

Indicators 2017

Annex 2/2017

Annex 2/2017 - Indicators fulfilment report

Annex 2.1/2017

Annex 2.1/2017 - Printouts

Annex 2.2/2017

Annex 2.2/2017 - Acquirement Committee

Annex 2.3/2017

Annex 2.3/2017 - Open Heritage Project

Indicators 2016

Annex 3/2016

Annex 3/2016 - Report on the achievement of indicators 2016

Annex 3.1/2016

Annex 3.1/2016 - Printouts

Annex 3.2/2016

Annex 3.2/2016 - Procurement Committee

Annex 3.3/2016

Annex 3.3/2016 - Open Heritage Project

Indicators 2015

Annex 4/2015

Annex 4/2015 - Indicators fulfilment report

Annex 4.1/2015

Annex 4.1/2015 - Printouts

Annex 4.2/2015

Annex 4.2/2015 - Procurement Committee

Annex 4.3/2015

Annex 4.3/2015 - Open heritage

Indicators 2014

Annex 5/2014

Annex 5/2014 - Indicators fulfilment report

Annex 5.1/2014

Annex 5.1/2014 - Printouts

Annex 5.2/2014

Annex 5.2/2014 - Museum acquisitions

Annex 5.3/2014

Annex 5.3/2014 - Open heritage

Annex 5.4/2014

Annex 5.4/2014 - CultTour


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